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Festival Purses - The Clear Plastic Trend

Jill Louden

Posted on June 30 2019

Festival Purses - The Clear Plastic Trend

Over the years I have made bohemian Switch Purses for festivals, especially for my favorite fest, Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware.

But now, because of security reasons, my Switch Purses are prohibited.  This is such a bummer since it was great for business, but also such a practical, affordable and fashionable festival accessory.  They do accept wristlets, which I make.  But wristlets don’t always hold enough for festivals.  

Sooo, my question for all of you--should I start making clear plastic Switch Purses and try to make them festival fashionable? 🤔 I wonder what would make it look fun for a festival. They would not reverse since they are see-through. But maybe add some boho touches...or I could just up my wristlet game.  Fanny packs are a thought too.   Just a few things I’m considering for 2020 👜👜

Feel free to email me your thoughts at  I love love feedback! 

Stay tuned for the next blog post! Thanks for listening 💗


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