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About us - Who We Are and How We Got Here

My name is Jill Marie Louden and I am the creator, owner and designer of Jill Marie, LLC's Switch Purse.

So how did we get here?  Back in 2009, I was shopping in a store and wanted to buy the same purse in brown and black, but couldn't afford it.  My best friend was with me and she showed me a really cool reversible belt.  

And that was it. It clicked.  I said to myself--I am going to make myself a reversible purse. I would save money and it would be my creative outlet.  That is how the Switch Purse concept was born. 

I started sketching my purses and creating patterns. After taking some sewing classes, reading a lot of material on design and sewing, I dusted off my 1960s Singer sewing machine and gave it a try.

Here we are 7 years later.  The Switch Purse is evolving and growing. It is responding to your needs and the fashion trends.  

Until now, my largest presence has been on Facebook, at craft fairs, purse events and by word of mouth.  

We currently have three products to offer:

1.  The Switch Purse (square size)
2.  The Switch Purse (larger, trapezoid size)
3.  The Switch Wristlet

There are other products in process that are scheduled to be launched during the summer and fall of 2016.

Jill Marie, LLC and Switch Purse are located in Perry Hall, Maryland.  You can contact us at: 
via message on Facebook
via telephone:  410-533-0171

We hope you love our original, practical and fashionable Switch Purses.  You get two purses in one, for one low price!