I bought my first Switch Purse because I loved the fabric but not really sure how often I would use it, I now own 14 Switch Purses (which really means I have 28) and 3 Jill Clutches. I find myself going to various events where I want my hands free and/or my purse close to me and these purses are perfect. I always take a small wallet, my glasses, lipstick, a collapsible brush and my phone all of which fits perfectly inside the purse. I use these purses when I go to baseball games, the fights, shopping, New York, parties at friends houses, bull roasts and out to dinner. I used to wonder where I put my purse down so that it was safe, now I just wear it across my chest and I don't wonder anymore. The purses are also small enough that you can wear it under your jacket or sweatshirt to hide your purse, this was perfect when we went to New York over the Christmas season. I wasn't worried about my purse being out in the open. And, if you are wondering how they hold up, they are extremely durable. I have had several of my purses for years and with repeated use I have never had a problem with the stitching or the fabric. Plus you are getting two purses for the price of one. I absolutely LOVE the Switch Purse!!!   

--Heather A.Baltimore, Maryland

I LOVE my Switch Purse by Jill!  It is my go-to bag every Saturday night.  The bag is already so cute, but the silver chain, opposed to the leather or canvas strap, that most cross-body bags offer, adds class to the bag as well! The best thing about the Switch Purse is that it's the perfect size. I am able to fit my cell phone (which is very large), lipstick, license, money, and my gum or candy!!  It truly is my favorite bag!

--Amy Y.Baltimore, Maryland

 I am in love with my Switch Purse!  It is great for a day or night out when you don't want to take a big purse.  It is perfect for game day!  Fits my phone, small change purse, keys and anything else travel size I need to carry.  I am now the proud owner of 2 Switch Purses and I am sure soon to be 3!

--Shelley D.Baltimore, Maryland

 The Switch Purse has been a life changing addition to my wardrobe.  The purses are beautiful and functional.  It is big enough to hold your essentials, yet small enough not to be a bother.  I use my Switch Purses when I go to ball games, out on the town, or just when I want to have a cute purse with my outfit.  I own several of these purses and look forward to adding more to my wardrobe.

--Flo F.Baltimore, Maryland