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Switch Purse

#0016 - Foo Fighters T-shirt (Purple/Camping) with Black Pleather

#0016 - Foo Fighters T-shirt (Purple/Camping) with Black Pleather

$ 75.00

Yes, this Switch Purse was made out of a Foo Fighter t-shirt!  I bought this Foo Fighters T-shirt at the 2019 Epicenter music festival in North Carolina. I always wanted to make a purse out of it and so here it is :) I don’t think you can get the shirt anywhere else. So it’s a rare find!  And it’s “3D” meaning it has an extra layer of fabric to “box out” the bottom for more space.  Switches to black pleather.   Strap looks like a guitar strap.  Measures approximately 9”W x 9.5”L  

Each Switch Purse comes with a removable, washable liner that has a pocket. The liner protects your second side of your Switch Purse and also holds all of your essentials.

Disclaimer: This is not an officially licensed Foo Fighters product.