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Switch Purse

#0026 - Pearl Jam Tote Bag

#0026 - Pearl Jam Tote Bag

$ 82.00 $ 93.00

This Pearl Jam tote is so cool because of the back of the concert tee.  The front displays the Stick Figure but the back has the list of songs on my personal favorite album, Ten.  Switches to black pleather.   Adjustable strap looks like a guitar strap.  Measures approximately 12”W x 13”L.  Tote/messenger bag size.  Button fastener.   Two purses in one!  

Each Switch Purse comes with a removable, washable liner that has a pocket. The liner protects your second side of your Switch Purse and also holds all of your essentials.

Disclaimer: This is not an officially licensed Pearl Jam product.