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Innovative, Reversible Bags.
Innovative, Reversible Bags.
Innovative, Reversible Bags.
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That is me...Jill Marie Louden...the "pursen" behind the Switch Purse!  

Who am I?  I am someone who loves to create and design, which is one of the reasons why the Switch Purse came into existence.  The creative side of me was itching to get out and come alive. It was another part of me that I wanted to explore and a role I was ready to take on.

I was wearing many hats from a being mom to a paralegal to a coach...and had so many interests from sports to music and fitness--but I still felt that something was missing.  Tapping into my need to create was the missing link.  

Life is crazy--no doubt!  But finding time for your passion is important and making my Switch Purses is one of them for me. And what's great about being passionate about something is that it is exciting and it never feels like work!

ox Jill

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